For all Wiccans and those of who are of kindred spirit....

Those who understand the whispers of the wind and trees...

I have come again to unite those who can make changes for a better cause,

Those of healing,and matters unknown sometimes to humanity and to us all.

No pretenders will be accepted...And no harassment allowed.

Welcome brothers and sisters and Blessed be.........

Luv Priestess Androdesia


Enter The Coven



If you have known always or have just become aware that you are different than most others.

If you have or do feel strangely drawn to that which is beyond your limitations alone. If you feel a strange connection to that which is mystical...

Then you have found your way to Androdesias Coven..... Open your mind and your heart, Let knowledge come.

Grow in awareness. Realize your inner ability and find purpose. Here you can grow or just be. You may share with others such as yourself or learn from the sages.

What is shared here shall never be meant or used to harm and as so you may rest easy knowing you are protected from such here.



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